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Our marketing approach is always built around your companies vision. Through our in-person consultations, we strive to gain a deep understanding of your company goals and how we can help get you there.

Marketing and Advertising

Our marketing approach is always built around your company's vision. Through our in-person consultations, we strive to gain a deep understanding of your company goals and how we can help get you there


Facebook Marketing

Boasting the world’s largest social media user base of over 845 million users and counting, Facebook has become a key ingredient in the crafting of a successful marketing recipe. Facebook’s ultra-personal social niche allows businesses and customers to connect on a person-to-person basis via facebook advertisements.

Google Adwords

Googles Advertising platform is called Google Adwords. It was one of the most effective ways of advertising your business online. It helps you attract more customers, reach the right people at the right time and allows your customers right when they are searching for you.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a highly engaged global community with more than 400M active accounts. People come to Instagram for visual inspiration and the simple design allows captivating visuals to take center stage. Advertising on Instagram has the power to move people — inspiring them to see a business differently or take action.


Most search engines throughout the internet will have something called a Organic search. Places like google, bing, yahoo have organic searches and paid advertisements on the same page. You should be able to tell the difference between the two. The organic search is why you need SEO.

Twitter Marketing

Averaging over 500 million tweets a day, Twitter reigns as the 140-character chatterbox for millions of people around the world. Twitter’s social chatting niche provides a simple way for businesses to connect with their customers through short back-and-forth dialogue.

Yelp Marketing

Adopted and loved in over 20 countries, Yelp has quickly become the world’s most influential social ratings and reviews network on the planet. Because people trust the opinions and experiences of their peers, Yelp's reviews and ratings have proven themselves to be critical influencers in the purchasing decisions of millions of users every day

LinkedIn Marketing

With over 238 million users, LinkedIn has solidified its reputation as the global powerhouse for professional social networking. For businesses, LinkedIn has evolved into a viable marketing solution for increasing web traffic and generating leads.


Our team of designers has equipped our clients with a variety of Grade A marketing materials ranging from logos, menus, flyers, signs and banners.


With the support of our digital photography team, you can rest assured that you’ll have the sharpest photo content of your business and products for your social media pages, online websites, and in-house materials.


Taking full control of your brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp pages, we work tirelessly to strengthen your social media presence through regular postings, customer interaction, social outreach, promotions, and strategic advertisements.


Graphic Design

To take your company's brand to the next level, our talented design team is ready to dress your business to the part. Be it a new logo, custom menu, or in-house displays, we can provide you with top-notch marketing materials to make your business pop.


Think of having a team consistently managing your Facebook page 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Thats what we have to offer. Your Facebook will be completely managed by our team. We will have several people managing your page at any given time. There will be new content created daily, and responses to all your questions that we are able to answer. You will never have to work on your Facebook page again!


Twitter Management Re-tweeting, replying and mentioning customers' names can be very time consuming, and some may not even know the proper way to do so. This is what we love to do! We will follow your customers on Twitter that have tweeted about you and create new tweets daily; at the same time engaging with each customer quickly and on more of a personal level.


As a business owner you are unable to monitor Yelp on a weekly basis, let alone a daily basis. We know that as a business owner your job is to keep your customers as happy as possible. Once we gain full access to your Yelp we will reply to customers and thank them for their reviews, whether they are good or bad. Damage control here is at an all time high. We will also let you know immediately when a bad review lands, and help you fix the problem whether it's valid or not.


When Instagram finally added video to their product, within the first 24 hours 5 million videos were created. With a social media site this viral, businesses need to get on instagram to showcase their food, products or even services. We will help you set up hash tags, post content every other day, reply to all customers and even follow them.


Time and time again, we demonstrate our value to our clients as an effective and affordable social media and online marketing solution. Staffed with a diversely trained team of social media marketers, web developers, graphic designers, and photographers, we can provide you with all the necessary tools to successfully market your business.

Research & Analysis

Most business owners lack either the time or experience to effectively use social media. Let our experts help you create engaging content and monitor your audience.


Our bright social media marketers are always coming up with creative content and promotional ideas to get your customers talking. Taking full control of your brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp pages, we work tirelessly to strengthen your social media presence through regular postings, customer interaction, social outreach, promotions, and strategic advertisements.

Over a course of 30 days, this client received 1,700 likes on a $30/day budget. Within that time we were testing sponsored stories and right hand column placements, and got a general idea of where to put the ads exactly. Some days had a high number of likes but a low amount of check-ins, while some days had a low amount of likes but a high number of check-ins. Our goal is to even those numbers out by testing several different ways to place an advertisement on Facebook.

Impressions are views on your Facebook page by people we targeted directly. If your store is located in Beverly Hills, we will target everyone that lives in beverly hills that has a Facebook page. However, for some businessess a lot of retargeting, readjusting and research needs to be done to see which group or areas are more effective. In some cases we've targeted nearby cities versus the business's city, and received a much higher return of impressions. As you can see here in about 30 days 659,418 people that live in Beverly Hills saw this advertisement. With such a large number on a $30/day budget, this is major brand exposure.

After working with us for a while we will be able to judge almost everything about your customers digitally. We can tell if females or males are more inclined to view your product, service or food. Once we have this data collected we will be able to better advertise and market your business. We spend hours upon hours reading these demographics and analyzing your business. As a business owner you should never be doing any of this, because it takes too much time- and time is money!

Website Design

With over 3.3 billion Google web searches being crunched every day, it has become essential for a business to have an impressionable website to digitally represent their brand.


Design/Development Process

Whether you’re looking to build a simple blog or full-on E-commerce site, we have the extensive knowledge and experience to get the job done. Think about website design as if you are painting a house that has never been painted before. Website design is purely about what the website looks like; not really about how it's developed. A lot of people get that confused. Website development, however, is the piece that builds the house and is a much longer process than simple website design.

Researching your band with you

We have built over 300 websites in the last decade. We know this business inside and out. A lot of other competitors or agencies will not give you the time of day. We are on call always. This process is extremely important for the website design because we need to get on the same page as you.

Designing your vision

Once we are done researching with you, we will proceed to designing the website. We will keep you updated along the way so we don't have to go back and make many changes. Unlike many other companies, during this phase we make unlimited revisions. We have to finish this phase completely before we are able to enter into development.

Bringing your design to life

After the website design is complete and no more changes are needed, we will begin development on the website. Development can be anything from a word-processed website to a full force internal system for your business. We have experience in building social networks, e-commerces, real estate and 100's of other different types of business's. There is no website we can not develop.

Beta Testing

Every website needs to be tested by multiple people before it's launched. This is when we as a company will spend a few days and go through the whole website to find problems. Remember it's like building a house- sometimes you miss a few things. That is why there is a beta testing phase before the public even see's it. We want to represent your business in the best light.


Before your website launches, you and Our CEO will review the entire website and make sure it is ready to go. After the approval, we will launch the site and let your customers know that you have a brand new website!

Branding & Public Relations

Now more then ever companies need to be able to brand themselves away from their competitors. Our job is to create a brand around your business and announce it to the world.


Brand Management


Crisis Management


Brand Building


Product Marketing


Blogger Relations


Influencer Marketing



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